dimanche 9 mai 2010


It is really very surprising to realize that we can really learn many things in 10 months of stay in abroad. The issue is not to know and have control about everything, but the little and perhaps the most important part of this exchange.
In reality, in Norway, the foreigner has not during the first months access to the "system". drowned in his ignorance of rules and all other things, he can't develop his potential; and this is my personally case. but still, once in contact with some notions of the "system", life changes color.
it is very obvious that I came to Norway with a knowledge base in terms of my education, but then I realize that I've learned so many things that add more to my intellectual background. of course there will arise the question. In which you've changed ALEX? the only answer I will give is: "I grew up more." it is an connoted answer that can be either unjustifiable because of lack of evidence, or justifiable only by perception.
So I would go straight to the point by saying that my way of seeing things, analyze, and draw conclusion reassures me of that change.
quality of judgement that I establish myself in the circumstances prove that I'm more mature. it was so difficult for me to see the necessity of this program of exchange because it was so short for me. certainly I have not mastered everything this year , and also it is impossible because knowledge has never been absolute, it is acquired day by day. recognize the profound value of this exchange is the purpose of this article.
It is not that always we believe that the Man in the Third World still needs funds to complete its development and yet the investment in human resource development may represent a superior quality.
During this year many things have changed in my being that even my ambitions and my dearest wishes have changed. which means that Man can give a new orientation to his vision. it is very certain that I complete this article in the next few hours .....

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