dimanche 9 mai 2010


It is really very surprising to realize that we can really learn many things in 10 months of stay in abroad. The issue is not to know and have control about everything, but the little and perhaps the most important part of this exchange.
In reality, in Norway, the foreigner has not during the first months access to the "system". drowned in his ignorance of rules and all other things, he can't develop his potential; and this is my personally case. but still, once in contact with some notions of the "system", life changes color.
it is very obvious that I came to Norway with a knowledge base in terms of my education, but then I realize that I've learned so many things that add more to my intellectual background. of course there will arise the question. In which you've changed ALEX? the only answer I will give is: "I grew up more." it is an connoted answer that can be either unjustifiable because of lack of evidence, or justifiable only by perception.
So I would go straight to the point by saying that my way of seeing things, analyze, and draw conclusion reassures me of that change.
quality of judgement that I establish myself in the circumstances prove that I'm more mature. it was so difficult for me to see the necessity of this program of exchange because it was so short for me. certainly I have not mastered everything this year , and also it is impossible because knowledge has never been absolute, it is acquired day by day. recognize the profound value of this exchange is the purpose of this article.
It is not that always we believe that the Man in the Third World still needs funds to complete its development and yet the investment in human resource development may represent a superior quality.
During this year many things have changed in my being that even my ambitions and my dearest wishes have changed. which means that Man can give a new orientation to his vision. it is very certain that I complete this article in the next few hours .....

jeudi 28 janvier 2010




The unforgettable December 24 in Norway

from the outset, Christmas in Norway is celebreated in different ways not identical to that we are using to do in Cameroon. According to the humble mind, Christmas is a really important party in Norway in the sense that it is the occasion when the whole family meet together after having spent a whole year for some to call on the phone, then this fabulous remark on the traffic of gifts in those bigger super markets give to this festival a unique look into the Norwegian calendar of festivities.
In Norway, Christmas is a family festival and is celebrated more on the 24th desember.is true that we, Cameroonian we also do the same thing but then considered rather feteest desembre 25th, and yet growing at a level too broad to be a matter of Popularity: because being at home ,you can be visited by anyone at anytime, and especially this person must share with you a meal. Discs of music and various invitations are proliferating throughout the country and it should be noted that a Christmas party passed without a visitor at home reflect your character even egoism and avarice.
It is not so strange to me that I participate in a different category of celebration because I'm living in a different culture. And speaking of culture, I have undiscovered in Norway that some people bathe in the sea freezes as tradition. Being so passionate about the Norwegian culture , I proposed myself candidate for this bath where we must open sea and to withdraw the ice before swimming. As shown in this picture.
Then there is a time to swim and it was cold and what was really challenging was to time the person who would do more time in the frozen sea.
Very excited,once at home, the news spread through the land of my intership and everyone would see all the pictures on facebook. It was a real experience and new to me but so memorable.

jeudi 7 janvier 2010


Since the 02-01-2010,we (international students)are still living at Hald for for the infield course.
firstly ,all of us are really exiting for meet together there after long time :we are thinking that the fact to see each other and share experiences will be good.
Then the first day more of joyful was in the camp ;through songs and danses .for me nothing was exiting like that durant the long periode in Norway.
in the eveningafter super ,we gather in the living room sharing our three month living in the cold country.some one telling about funning eperiences and some others about challenges.at least we discover that among all stories ,life in norway is going well.
I would like to come back about infield course .what happens?why? I was really curious for that.I realised that it is the most important lessons and movies and speechs that was important for international students like us.
It seems to everyone that we are geeting now knowledges .I means the movie of "shlomo"talking about war,.poverty,identity in that movie I recognize many effects of living in abroad .
Most again, we are discusssing about many topics :fk program:exchange and development and most of students like me coming from Africa living in what we call poverty was exited about the futur of knowledges found here in Norway.
We realized the need investment of self in the struggle for the improvement of the situation and life standards in Africa and the Third World.
It is very clear that the change will be not seeing sudently as a magic tricks to our return, but the goal is to start gradually transform the attitudes of young people who are the backbone of the nation. This fact will continue the process first by a progressive change in the restricted environment of the student, and it does not necessarily require finance but yet because of the mentality has repeatedly Even with these financial, management has been absent.
The real problems of African poverty began the era of colonization, and encouraged more widespread in the 19 century em with the expansion by technical and scientific progress.
Africa, since impoverished 5em century of these valiant warriors and workers who have been transported as slaves to new horizons; Africa and colonization hehhh ...... everyone knows that this country has sheltered battles sacrificing its population; Dirrig of the technical and scientific progress have spent no penny to get guinea pigs for experiments that were the "other side of the sea".
Annulment of the economic system based on the exchange of products "barter" ensued:
the conventional economic system based on the earth - the capital - and then work
the system of neo-colonialism based on: the capital - labor
in analyzing near this one realizes that the neo-coloniaslisme system that cancels the land of economic network time between the increased more lacks of job. because the distribution of resources does not affect those who work in agriculture; the land, however there will be a rural exodus of the popultion in search of productivity gains where the concept of profit for the capitalist society.
I am more and more confused in myself every time I remember my first story classes saying that: Africa is the "cradle of humanity" other books tell us of "mother of civilization "the first human skeleton was discovered in Kenya several centuries before. My confusion is that if Africa is the mother of civilization since the first human skeleton has been found in Africa, how do you explain then the fact that civilization is not passed or begun by that?or there?
In anthropology, a skeleton represents a civilization. But when we speak of civilization today we hear from everywhere that:
the africa people is not civilized
Africa uses an old civilization
Civilization has beeing flyied from Africa (Kenya) to other country? Or is it heiress disasters?
sponsored political systems and generators wars
diseases such as AIDS, which was discovered in 1905 in America but which spread with amazing speed in Africa. for the rest I will speak about it without writte .

samedi 21 novembre 2009



We are knowing since my sweet chil.......;but this was a few times of meeting and it was only during breakfast and somes major celebrations.
Again later we were together in class and during break i consoled myself through it.throughout my life we have meet each other repeatedly and we have shared those moments along with coffee.juice and many other things indeed this knowledge was only partial.

I have traveled alone to Norway but then I found her here.And here it occured to me in all possible forms.

Since my first day at hald,we never left eyes and if so just to sleep and very early we are already together around the table and she is my favorite.When i traveld for my practce in Arendal,she has been my guardian angel wherever I went;Imeet her everywhere I went in the middle of great conversations,great meetings ,giving strengh to workers ,comforting the hungry.short she was joy for all people.

At the evening we met at around 21:oo around table telling our hard day ;I'm always drinking coffe in that moment;we remain there as long as possible and take off for sleep hoping to see us the morning at breakfast and it was always the case.I love her and will maintain this relationship as long as possible.We haven't yet talked about marriage because the best for us is to live this wonderful period together and not care about futur.She is my inspiration to write this text.

Who knows my girlfriend?

Everybody knows her.......
Here is my girlfriend............. hehehehehhe

dimanche 15 novembre 2009



This is the greatest challenge 's time to know where we can find the good samaritan?

Since the history of believe until now we think always to this relevant question ;often we think that in developed country live several samaritan and of course is it!i agree with this thinking.

The difference between nord countries and south countries particularly economic difference have introduced the concept of samaritan to rich;but we must not give values to somes circumstances and situations that can tarnish the vital nature of any gift previously offered. Actualy i'm sure that every reader of this text will ask himself what does it mean by that? so i will tell you a shocking situation that i have assited:

One day going at job,there was one girl bike at job ;she falls on the midle of the floor.suddently appeared one gentleman jogging :HE PASSED HIS WAY ABOVE THE GIRL.

That was most shocking for me;may be I dont have reason to think in this way,but what I have felt was deep and only intimate pain.

Dears readers I can be on the feil way having this feeling and i want just that you give me what would you have felt in my place?this relevant question need answer and we can 't go find them or it (answer)in our high position eller in our account in bank but in our deeply soul.

This girl was thinking or expecting to got help from that man but it was'nt.

-Can imagine one moment all risks which she was exposed being on the floor?

So seeing that ,I thought to a book readed by me:

".....And though i have the talent of diplomatic organizer and administrator in councils and meetings

.......though i have all the confidence that I need to raise large funds but do not have love,I'm good for nothing"

"...And though I share my possessions and give money to the poor,but do nothelp my brother and sister to become strong,independent followersof christ,I achieve absolutely nothing"........

So why not refocus the human values and placed it above all else? and we will join Socrates who said:"MAN IS THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS"



samedi 14 novembre 2009

DET VAR ÉN GANG...........


Det er en mann som heter Alex .Han kommer fra kamerun,det er et land i Afrika,langt fra norge. Han er studenter fra Hald internasjonal senter(Mandal);han skal ha praksis i øyestad menighet.Da han var på Hald om høsten,sa han i sitt stille sine:- Hvordan og hva skal jeg gjøre i Øyestad menighet?og dette bilde er fra den tid

Da jeg kom til Arendal og tok jeg kontat med min person kontakt her,fikk jeg program fra henne.


Det er altid bra for meg å ha kontakt med ungdom; så kan jeg lære dem hva jeg har lært .Flere norman synes at fransk er veldig vanskelig å snakke ,å skrive ,å forstår :da det er vanskelig å lære.Men disse ungene på bilde er flink til å gjør det;de gir alt for å prødve hva er uvanlig i norge.

det er litt spesielt for meg å se unger som dem .de få bare noe som kan hjelpe dem å gjøre lekser ,å hjelpe dem å oversette noen tekster og det vil bli fullkoment for dem.

Men vi må forstår dem ; da kan vi vite akkurat hva de har lyst til å lære ,hva som er viktig.


Da er det veldig vanskelig.først, fordi flere av dem tenker det er kjedelig når jeg snakker om Gud.Noen ganger leker de og gjøre andre ting.Det kan være skremmende men det er mitt mål å snakke med dem om frelsen gjenom Jesus .så da ,må vi bruker aktivitetene som de bruker hver dag og de lærer mye.skal vi se....

Vi gleder oss når vi spiller sammen;men etterpå , er det veldig viktig å tenke på vår skaper:Gud. så vi tar time som dette bildet viser.

-hva tenker dere når sa jesus:"Guds rike tilhører barna


la barna komme til meg"sa jesus

Det er vanlig å gå på leir så vi kan fortelle mye om Guds rike til barna .De er veldig flinke til å forstår mange ting på én gang.De har en flott psykologi ,og vi må altid være sammen med dem ;bruke illustrasjoner og flere leker

det er svært viktig og spennende å være med dem så kan jeg koble dem til Guds rike.

I vår tid,trenger verdens kristene ungdom mer kreativitet;bruk hva de bruker hver dag ;snakke mer med dem så vi kan forstår mye av deres tanker ,deres håpe og dette er hva jeg tenker akkurat nå:


mercredi 28 octobre 2009


Les faits varient d'un lieux à un autre selon l'entendement de l'environnement.Dans mon ethymologie,la confirmation c'est l'acte de confirmer quelque chose devant un jury,donc par essence ,la confirmation chretienne devrait etre la confirmation de notre foi devant le peuple de Dieu qui peut etre soit des parents,des amis,bref la communaute relidieuse à laquelle nous appartenons.
ceci est le fruit d'un bapteme de l'enfant qui inconsciemment ammener à l'eglise dans son plus jeune age a declarer son appartenance en responsable et ceci par des question donc il doit repondre par:oui si Dieu le veut.
L'heure est grave et meme tres quand à ce qui concerne la norvege le mot confirmation designe le debut de toute choses en rapport avec Dieu .Pour le jeune "konfirmant"c'est un monde facultatif oú on a le choix de suivre ou non ;cependant plusieurs sont plus que jamais engagés à etre confirmer et dans mon quotidien ici a Arendal j'en ai rencontrer environ 80.

-On est confirmant pour appartenir à l'eglise qui par consequent est une entité dans le gouvernement.Ainsi donc le confirmant fait patie du gouvernement ;il se sentira plus grand et quelque fois responsable.
HALTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!une autre motivation plus particuliere est celle-ci :L'on obtient beaucoup de financement comme aide `a la personne confirmee."j'ai eu 20.000kr l'an dernier quand je fus confirmant!!"s'ecria un élève dont j'en parlais à propos .
Il ne faut pas negliger l'aspect que certains sont "konfirmants"sachant qu'ils ne seront jamais chretiens et au contraire se plaisent a cette neutralité.mais pire encore ils sont les meilleurs perturbateurs des sceances de travail par un vacarme alarmant,des jeux et des divers tout au long de mon exposé et n'ont aucun respect pour ne serait-ce que pour ces 45 minutes que nous avons ensemble .celà ouvre sans tarder le tunnel de la difference entre l'Afrique et l'Europe."Dephine!!!serait-elle ta mère?"me demanda l'un d'entre eux ."Etes-vous amants"?repliqua un second et à chaque fois j'essaya de ramener le calme et continua mon exposé;c'est ce pourquoi je suis ici me dis-je interieurement ;persuader cette jeunesse qu'un coeur chretien est capable de supporter le poids du monde entier.L'utilisation des distractions est un facteur tres edifiant dans ce procesus.
Je ne finirai pas cet apercu sans toute fois parler de plusieurs d'entre eux qui me temoignent de la felicité d'appartenir au monde religieux;ils de plus en plus assidus et studieux et demeurent ma motivation premiere tandis que les autres representent mon plus grand challenge (lire suite)

vendredi 23 octobre 2009


L'artisant par ethimologie est celui qui creee:cependant diverses comprehensions s'apposent toute les fois que l'on a en face de soit "l'æuvre".Seul l'artisant peut definir les formes et donner un sens dans lequel il a moulé sons oeuvre.Il s'avere tres souvent que les formes et les traits soient visibles par tous mais il serait faux d'essayer de lui donner un message sans la pensee de son createur.voyons voir:

profane dans le monde de l'art ,et contrarié,face à cette sculpture,j'ai usé de toute mes pensees sans toute fois comprendre le message mais alors il faut l'artisant et celui ci est "absent ";cependant quelqu'un se charge de m'expliquer; ceci n'a été possible que parceque la personne a vecu dans la pensee de l'artisant.







Il est tres important de parler de la bonne nouvelle au enfants á travers des campements où l'on decouvre ce que nous enfants,freres sont capable de faire.Cependant il faut etre disposé de les écouter et leur accorder l'opportunuté d'essayer tout les travaux pratiques car les enfants ont cette faculté d'assimiler tres rapidement de nouvelles experiences ;et ceci du fait que c'est tres excitant et ils sont prets à refaire maintes fois la meme chose jusqu'à reussite.

tres dociles ,il est tres important pour moi de passer le temps avec eux et les comprendre davantage;leur parler du messie toute les fois que me sera donnée l'occasion.


WAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .....................


-60cm de long
-30cm de large

Voici qui doit attirer notre attention pourquoi ces pareilles dimensions
De quoi s'agira t'il dans ce livre?
voici autant de questions qui nous pousserons certainement à vouloir decouvrir ce grandissime livre.Mais cependant du point de vue ,nous nous rendrons compte qu'il s'agit des faits bibliques.
eh bien!!!!c'est de celà bien evidement qu'il s'agit :l'histoire de toute notre croyance,de notre esperance;une encyclopedie renfermant le tracé de la foi chretienne .

"cherchons ensemble,l'histoire de notre croyance et de notre esperance"